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Price for: 1 Man 2 Men 3 Men
Per hour /Min 2 hrs/ £ 28 £ 35 £ 48
Per half day /Up to 4 hr/ £ 112 £ 140 £ 168
Per day /Up to 8 hrs/ £ 220 £ 280 £ 330
All price are VAT included - no hidden, extra or petrol charges. * For jobs outside M25 1.7 GBP per mile charge applies - only in one direction.

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Often, when you are in search for Whitechapel movers, you may forget that moving sometimes involves placing things in a self-storage facility in E1. Not all removal services companies in London provide removals and storage for your belongings in addition to providing all the traditional house removal services Woodford South, but we do. Our storage units Shoreditch can be used for short or long-term periods, providing you with the needed space while completing home renovations in E18, Walthamstow, Victoria Docks, or E16, waiting for the painting to be finished, or simply while you are on holiday between your move out North Woolwich and move in dates. Call now on 020 3608 9974 to find out more about our house removals Canning Town and everything else we provide.


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That’s actually a tougher question to answer than most people think. Unless you have recently completed a removal to E10, E16, E12 or E7 and have kept all your moving boxes and supplies, you will likely have to purchase these materials. Moreover, it is unlikely that you have the exact same amount of possessions as the last time you moved E9, especially if it was a while ago. While it’s hard to judge just how many boxes you need as you stare at our full wardrobes and cupboards, it’s even harder to determine how much help in the form of handy movers you will need. And what about the size of your removal van E1? Or the storage unit?


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You might want to start by making a budget for your relocation to E2 or E9. But how do you make a budget when you don’t know what everything will cost? You could guess how many boxes you will need or what a packing service will cost. And you could hire a removal van London without being sure whether your things will fit into it or not. But there’s a better way – one that will allow you to stick to that budget and achieve the cheap removal in E4 or E6 you want without all the headache. How? Have us do a removal assessment for you before you even hire the man and van, that’s how.


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Our handy movers are one tool you could use to get that perfect Whitechapel house removal. But another tool – and maybe even a more valuable one – is a moving checklist. Make your own or use the one we’ve put on this site to make your planning easier. Whatever you do, don’t forget this important step. Once you have your house removal checklist, you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything else, since you’ll have it all right there in front of you, from removal van hire to calling the bank to change your address. Take a little time to print one out or fill one in online; it could make a world of difference for your UK removals in E10, E16, E12 and E2 as well as E7.


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One of the benefits of hiring us in Whitechapel, Stepney, East Ham or Woodford South – and believe us, there are many benefits – is that we can also provide you with a variety of storage solutions as well. Moving and storage go hand in hand, especially if there is a delay between your move-out and move-in dates or if you need to complete some renovations before the new place is ready for you to move in. Have us pick up your furniture and boxes, deliver them to your storage unit, and then bring them to your home in E9, E17, or E6 when you are ready for them. This will ensure a smoother transition for you and your family, since you can do it on your own schedule.

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